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I am very interested in your take on the spectrum between consent and coercion. I am writing a PhD thesis and have been exploring the topic of consent through a deconstrution methodology, and I found your title and the section on consent to be illuminating. I would like to find out if I may cite your ideas. Are you academically affiliated or do you work on the margins of "canon"? I hope you don't take offence to this question, because your answer will help me frame the information. The research I am doing for the current chapter I am working on is sadomasochism. And since I work with the university structure, citing sources becomes a laborious process to not run afoul of the requirements of academic integrity. I have worked primarily with peer reviewed information, but what I have found is that with this topic there are two camps: those who defend SM as an exclusive geography in which consent is sacrosanct; those who see all forms of sadomasochism as reenacting the primal slave/master relationship and reinscribing the power of the sovereign/beast. The latter group examines "social sadisms" such as misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, torture, forced disappearance, forced labor, slavery, etc. In my reading of three novels by an Argentine author whose autobiographical work deals with the topic of sadomasochism and my subsequent review of the available literature, I realized that consent was a major dynamic. I really liked how you critiqued the article you referenced at the start from Proletarianfeminist and I zeroed in on your theory of consent. Did you conceive of that yourself or is it based on other knowledge you acquired? Well, thank you so much for the inspiration your writing has given me. I hope to engage in some discussion. Best wishes!

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